I've always wanted to consider myself an artist, whether I really am or not.  I've had many moments where I was able to make a decent living at it.  I love Film, Photography, Painting, Writing, Poetry Mostly and Composing Music.  I was just starting to do freelance work again when all of this tragity happened.  Now I am a widower and single father, which as of now seems to be the only thing that does define me.  I used to be very silly and wild.  Love comedy and laughter.  Loud Music.  My constant, only goal was to find true love.  I finally did.  And then on the morning of June 8th, 2016 it was ripped from me.  Beth died in her sleep from a sudden Heart attack.  I went to go wake her as she was now running late for work, and would not awaken.  I knew right away as her lips were starting to become blueish, her arms were cold, I would have to face my main, only, biggest fear.  To lose my soul mate way too soon.  More than half of me was gone with her as well.  All I can do now is muster up the strengh to be the greatest father I can to little Penny, our love child.